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Here is our Free Online Chat Rooms and another chat room, Chatting and Uk Chatter Box alternative.
The actual events themselves can become more important than the people involved.

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Importantly the AI we use on our store provides very competent front line customer service that our customers love.

It frees up our staff to manage the orders and deal with more difficult questions." - Seth Rodgers, Dr.

When you ask one of the new bots to do something for you, it is not unlikely that you’re ultimately just texting with a human being who is (for now) contractually obligated to do your bidding, as in the case of Facebook’s M.

Instead of bots, then, we might call them “digital servants.” Perhaps too unsavory, too honest? But with enough innovation over time, the element of human participation in bots will likely disappear — the same way Uber drivers will be automated away by self-driving cars.

Most of them are oriented toward service, not dialogue, though We Chat’s fully robotic Xiaoice is making friends in China by closely simulating human conversation.

Many of the systems being touted as “bots” also aren’t bots at all, but Mechanical Turks (at least with the Amazon service of that name you know it’s made of people).

The phrase “bot hysteria” probably brings to mind a robo-apocalypse.

The Bot Libre Corporate Bot Platform provides a centralized intelligence server for corporate and government intranets, and bot service providers.

Chat robot is the first commercial plugin for Visichat 3 and above.

It's been a long-anticipated addition to what was an already successful video chat package, made possible by the new application framework in the 3.0 release.

This is a Beta Version - Update following soon Talking & Answering Jenna Bot is a funny application for fans of bots which presents a simple interface where a female bot will try to answer your questions in the most realistic possible way.

The design might not be perfect, but the answers are pretty good and the game is quite interactive and definitely enjoyable for quite some time.