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Dating dream about male friend

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Upon entering REM sleep, your heart rate and breathing become irregular, your eyes move rapidly and your brain activity rises toward the same level as when you're awake.That's when you do about 80 percent of your active dreaming—and when dreams are most vivid.Oh yes, believe it or not, men don’t do this whole date rigmarole just for you.

Sleep experts admit they're not sure, but it appears that dreams are where memories meet emotion.The Same-Sex Dream As shocking as it may sound to some, this dream is pretty common, says Dr. "Many women dream about having sex with another woman at some point in their lives, even if, in waking life, they're excited only by men," she says. "Well, for one, American culture has been a bit obsessed with the idea of two women making out for some years now," she says.(Think: .) But when a heterosexual woman suddenly has a same-sex dream, it's most likely the slumbering mind's expression of a strong female friendship."Same-sex sex dreams can also be sparked by the emotional closeness that many women have with their best friends," she adds."In dreams, sometimes this closeness may take on a different level but it is unlikely to mean anything about your sexual orientation, unless you also—in waking life—find that you are interested in women."2. "It's not unusual for women to dream about past boyfriends from high school or college, even years after they are happily settled into a more grownup life with a family," she says.You'll go through this sleep cycle three to five times during the night, spending more time in REM sleep with each one until you wake up in the morning.