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"The reason I do stuff like that is obviously because I'm not a racist," he says.

and generally pulls no punches at his home in Troy, Alabama.

I can see why Chris from New Zealand called Kid Rock a racist...'cause in the song he used the 'N word'...which to me is the ugliest word in the dictionary..he a racist, I don't know. Stefanie Eulinberg has been Kid Rock's drummer from 1998 onwards & if Kid was racist he would not b able 2 tolerate being in the same band & touring with her & vice versa.

Probably not but, in his defense he was very young and you can tell that his style got extremely better as time progress. if he was racist she could quit & work elsewhere, as slavery was abolished after the civil war... now as 4 billy from Boston Area, r u perhaps related 2 Pamela Anderson by sticking up 4 her in your posting?!

He’ll be playing the first concerts at Detroit’s new Little Caesars Arena with six shows starting September 12.

It's been eight years since "Jersey Shore" debuted on MTV in December 2009, and oh so much has happened to the stars of our favorite trashy reality TV show since then.

Hello Kid Rock fans from all round the world, this is my 1st posting on2 this site & 1st & foremost i would like 2 take this opportunity 2 say "congratulations" 2 chris from New Zealand 4 his brilliant summation of Kid Rocks relationship with Kelley Russell. B4 she was with Kid & Tommy Lee she also threw her legs open 4 Vince Neil from Motley Crue, Bret Micheals from Poison, & Kelly Slater, just 2 name a few. she was probably with him only 2 further her "career", the same reason shes sort out other rock stars, as there r 3 facts in life; the sky is blue, the grass is green, & pamela anderson would appear at the opening of an envelope.

That's the latest speculation, according to a new report from Page Six.You can tell that this was a style like Too Short, D NIce, and Ice Cube...which should not be duplicated cause they are unique. Now helping 2 sell your product via the use of a guest star is 1 thing, but if Kid was racist would he really want 2 collaborate with some1 who so proudly sings about being black?! i recommend that after a much needed trip 2 an optometrists 2 c if u can b cured of your 'color' blindness u may wish 2 have a peek at the inside of any Kid Rock cd booklet & 4 the 1st time u'll b alerted 2 Fact 2: that the drummer in Kids Twisted Brown Trucker band is... that's the only way i could understand u sticking up 4 her.Kid Rock Later developed his own style..he wrote this song over again today I think it would sound different. if u were 2 look up the term "white trash" or the word "groupie" in the dictionary u would c a picture of ur beloved pam.But there was plenty of material that we didn't include.Here are some weird, wild things you learn spending time with Rock, who is heading out on tour with Foreigner (most tickets are ) starting June 24th in Hartford, Connecticut."I did not no (sic) she was a serial baby killer to her husbands..should be locked up," one read.